Friends of Fircrest is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization advocating for the rights to quality living choices for all people with developmental disabilities. Friends of Fircrest provides support to residents of Fircrest School.

The Role of Fircrest School

Mission:  Fircrest School provides specialized, high-quality personalized service to the most challenging individuals with developmental disabilities. These services are consistently provided in a manner and environment that assumes, as the highest priority, client respect, dignity, and individualism.

Location:  Fircrest School is located in the city of Shoreline, just north of Seattle. Fircrest School is the only state Residential Habilitation Center (RHC) located within the Puget Sound urban corridor. Its location ensures that there is a choice in care for people with severe developmental disabilities living in the state's largest urban area.  Not everyone can live at home or in private contracted residential services. Some people need the structure, support, and ready access to 24-hour medical care found at RHCs such as Fircrest School.

Resident population: Fircrest School serves a diverse population of people with developmental disabilities who are medically fragile and multiply handicapped, with  profound intellectual disabilities, and behavior challenges.

Academic connections: Fircrest School has vital research relationships with the University of Washington, University of Kansas and other institutions that are helping to advance the care of persons with the most severe developmental disabilities.

Services: Fircrest School  provides vital services to its residents including health care; nursing; dental care; psychological, physical, occupational, speech and behavior therapies; adaptive technologies; and recreational activities

Respite care: Fircrest School provides respite services to people with developmental disabilities who do not live on the Fircrest School campus. These individuals come to Fircrest School for a temporary stay giving their families  a much-needed break.  While there, they benefit from access to specialized professional services or find Fircrest School to be a less restrictive environment.  Fircrest School also provides temporary emergency admissions to people who reside outside Fircrest School who are mentally and physically disabled and in crisis.

Services offered by Fircrest residents The Adult Training Program (ATP) at Fircrest School offers vocational training and employment opportunities to selected residents. Through this program, services are offered to local businesses at very reasonable prices, and the participating Fircrest School residents are paid for their work. The offered services include mailing, sorting, packaging, and confidential document destruction. For additional information, please download the ATP flyer. (46 KB PDF)

Admission to Fircrest School:  Do you have a family member who could benefit from residing at Fircrest School?  DSHS offers an application form for admission to an RHC. The form is available on the DSHS website. As a convenience, you can download the same form here in PDF format.
      According to federal regulations, qualifying individuals who request admission to federally funded intermediate care facilities or nursing facilities, must be so accommodated.
      The right to be admitted to a specific facility is not protected but, if the potential resident or his or her legal representative, sees this as the most appropriate service, then it is worthwhile to make the application. Initial denials are common, but persistence in working with state officials has proven to result in an admission to an RHC.  

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"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.";;
 -- Mark Twain

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Friends of Fircrest is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization advocating for the rights to quality living choices for all people with developmental disabilities.

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