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FOF Launches Benevolence Program
Join us as we meet to open a new chapter in FOF support and giving.
When:    March 10th
Time:     1:00 p.m. untill 3:00 p.m.
Where:   Fircrest School
Everyone is welcome
Snack and chat at 2:00

New Officers Voted In
Shoreline November 11, 2017 -- The Friends of Fircrest Board of Directors voted for officers.  The one year terms of office are: Paul Strand, President;  Kent Questad, vice president; Tom Norton, Treasurer; and Gordon Ellison-Oslin, Secretary.

Fircrest School is a residential center
located on 85 acres of wooded and open spaces, within the city of Shoreline, Washington.  

Fircrest School is a full service, therapeutic community serving a diverse population of about 220 residents with developmental intellectual disabilities.  Campus based, it features shared homes within a skilled nursing facility and an intermediate care facility.  Centralized medical, therapeutic and recreational services are provided in both programs for long-term residents as well as for people who need short-term, respite care or crisis intervention.  Each resident's care is individualized as determined by an interdisciplinary team which includes the person's guardian or parent.

The Fircrest nursing home program (NF/IDD) is the only federally certified skilled nursing facility in Western Washington licensed for the long term care of people with developmental, intellectual disabilities.  It provides individualized health care and activities for people with unique medical challenges.  Repeatedly, the program has been named one of the nation’s top nursing homes by the Consumer’s Research Council of America.

The Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/ID) provides individualized habilitative services that support and enhance each person's skills and strengths.  This includes individualized adult training work programs and recreation, both on and off campus. Fircrest School is close to major medical and educational facilities that support the individuals who live at Fircrest School.  Its location allows residents the opportunity to participate in many of the sporting, cultural and outdoor events held in the Seattle area.

Why is it important to have Fircrest as part of a continuum of care?
      “We are very happy with and grateful for Fircrest. It was a lifesaver and a wonderful place for our daughter. For the first time in her life she can say she has friends. She has wonderful activities that would have been impossible for us to provide on our own or for her to access through living in a group home.
       And last but not least, due to her complex and sometimes impulsive and dangerous behavior, with her living at Fircrest we can now sleep at night knowing that she is safe.”
          ...Parent of Fircrest resident.

to Fircrest School is coordinated through DDA Region 2 Field Services staff. More admission information here.

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"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."
 -- Mark Twain

Friends of Fircrest is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization advocating for the rights to quality living choices for all people with developmental disabilities.

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Eric Goes for a Ride

This video explains one family's need for Fircrest School in just 44 seconds.
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Care and Protection
Why we need RHCs
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